Honesty might not be the best policy but safety certainly is. Especially, in industrial zones where the manufacturing of hazardous chemicals takes place in larger-than-life containers that are mostly too high, you require certain protective equipment so that the external environment does not adversely interfere with your body. The workers’ life in these places is always in grave peril if they are not provided with safety equipment to shield themselves from the obnoxious gasses released at close quarters. For this reason, states define some policy guidelines to be strictly followed by industries to maintain the well-being of the worker. SafetySam is a well-known name in the occupational safety domain that has a huge collection of fall arrest system tools like anchorage, full-body harnesses, connectors, deceleration devices, etc from leading brands to provide one of the best protection against falling accidents.

Since industries always tend to minimize the cost of inputs to secure better profit margins they have a tendency to exploit the workforce by exposing them to inhuman conditions without providing them with the necessary tools for protection. That is why Singapore has certain official mechanisms in place without whose applications it is illegal for any industry to function within the territory of the country.

fall arrest system

What exactly is the fall arrest system? 

It is simply a system that provides for full protection of the life of the worker in scenarios where they are required to work at higher altitudes. It also largely helps companies save a lot on insurance costs by reducing the possibility of potential death to a large extent.

There is a myth in the minds of employers that by not paying for the protective equipment they are saving their costs but the reality is that if a worker dies under their jurisdiction they are liable to pay in multiples to the cost they thought they would be saving.

That is why the application of the fall protection code becomes extremely important that generally includes putting up guard rails and safety nets on industrial premises. This protection strategy is further enhanced by putting personal fall systems like lifelines for instance.

What fall arrest system tools will you find at SafetySam? 

Their tools are manufactured in accordance with the industrial standards that guarantee the durability and reliability of the material used.