When you are facing any difficulty then you surely need to get the advice of a professional doctor. If you don’t visit a doctor then it is advisable for you to take precautions so that you don’t face difficulties. Pigeon toed gait is when someone’s toes don’t turn in. This generally occurs in children. You need not have any hassle regarding it as it will be cured. But in some cases, you would be needing advice with the surgery. Now, you need to know what might be the causes of this pigeon toeing gait.

Some common causes of pigeon toed gait

  • First and the main cause of this condition is that when there is limited space in the uterus for a child to grow then the child develops pigeon toed gait. And the front part of the toe of the child grows inwards.
  • One more reason for this is that at the age of 2 or above the child develops this due to the twisting of the bone and that bone is the shinbone.
  • Girls also develop this condition and children aged 3 and above it, also has chances to get it, so one needs to be very careful to avoid this disease.

More about pigeon toed gait

pigeon toed gait

One could get the help of a professional if they face any problem due to this. It is very important for your child to walk properly so that they don’t face any difficulty in later stages of their life. It can be fully corrected with the help of a suitable treatment and you won’t face any problems later. To avoid any problems in the future you should visit a doctor and get the treatment as soon as possible. When the toes are fully in their position then they don’t have any risk to turn inwards again.

Summing Up

If you do not feel any pain and swelling then you would not need any doctor but if you need it when you face any symptoms then it is recommended that you should visit a doctor. When your child does not know how to walk then you won’t be able to know that your child is suffering from this but as soon as your child starts walking then you could be able to see the feet turning inward when they take their first step.