The dog is also known as a man’s best friend because they enlighten and cherish us by being the humblest and kind to us, we forget all our problems and daily stresses when we see them running towards us and hugging us, psychology says having a dog can reduce the chance of depression by 40% and having a dog as a companion reduces the feeling of loneliness. For our dog to be energetic and healthy enough to participate in all its activities, we provide them with toys that keep them busy and active all the time. Unlike humans, toys for dogs are more of a necessity than a luxury, they ensure dog’s well-being, and they provide comfort to your dog when they are alone at home, so let’s delve deeper in and look at some of the best dog interactive toys available.

Why are interactive toys ranked first?

Simple dull chewy toys do nothing exceptional; some dogs may appreciate them but quickly lose interest. Some co-play toys, such as tugs and balls, always require human engagement. When you are working and your dog wants to play, the solution is interactive toys.

Interactive Dog Toys

The best interactive toys for your lively dog 

  • Interactive Electronic Dog Toys:

They engage your dog by performing activities or having additional capabilities, such as communicating with your dog or taking images of your dog and sending them to you for monitoring purposes. CleverPet needs your dog to touch lighted buttons with its paws to obtain a reward. It comes preloaded with software that ranges from basic to difficult levels, testing your dog’s talents.

  • Treat-Dropping Interactive toy:

This is ideal for food-loving dogs since it rewards them with goodies when they perform the required task that has been programmed into the toy. They may even compel your dog to perform the task in exchange for a nice treat. Pet fitness Robot, an interactive toy that enhances the physical and emotional health of dogs, provides goodies when the dog does vital duties, and is simple to control and monitor your dog.

These toys are made to move and stimulate your pet’s interest, and they come in a variety of forms and styles depending on the movement. Pet cube is the ultimate interactive toy that detects motion and keeps track of canines. It also contains a camera and screen that can be used to connect with pets when you are gone, and the dog is alone at home. It also feeds and exercises your dog. Above all, the dog requires your attention and your touch; just like us, they crave affection and love from us; keeping¬†your dog active and youthful.