Fertility Check up in Singapore

Fertility Check up in Singapore

Up to 1 in 6 Singaporean couples who decide to start a family may have problems.

Unfortunately, there are various reasons why a couple cannot conceive, including problems with either the woman or the man or a combination of circumstances.

A healthy egg and healthy sperm must come together at the ideal time and place for conception. You should have a fertility check up singapore if you are experiencing trouble getting pregnant.

How Can You Increase Your Natural Fertility?

Know When You Are Fertile – Have sexual contact one or two days before ovulation to increase your chance of becoming pregnant. Then, have regular sexual contact (two to three times per week) to raise your chances. Figure out when you’re most fertile.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle – The most crucial action you can do to increase your fertility is to stop smoking. Additionally, regular exercise might improve your fertility and general wellness. In moderation, fertility experts also advise drinking alcohol and caffeine.

fertility check up singapore

Improve Your Diet – When a couple is trying to conceive, both partners must eat healthily and keep a healthy weight. For general health, women should begin taking 400mcg of folic acid daily in addition to multivitamins. Learn more about acupuncture, TCM, vitamins, and fertility.

The Common Causes of Couples’ Infertility

It’s a complicated procedure when you consider all the conditions that must exist for conception to occur. You might have trouble getting pregnant if any of these things are off.

What Happens During a Fertility Exam?

The woman’s age is crucial while trying to conceive; the older a woman becomes, the less likely it becomes, with or without therapy. For this reason, doctors advise that you seek assistance after 12 months of trying if the lady is younger than 36 and after six months if she is older than 36.

To assist in pinpointing any underlying factors that may delay your conception, a fertility specialist can evaluate your general reproductive health and perform several straightforward tests.

To check for ovulation, certain fertility disorders, and ovarian reserve in women, fertility testing may involve blood tests and ultrasound imaging. To examine the uterus and fallopian tubes, additional tests could be required.

Semen analysis, which gauges the volume, shape, and motion of his sperm, is the most crucial fertility test for males.

To speak with a fertility professional, schedule a consultation online or by calling a reproductive.

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