Singapore is mainly considered as the educational hub. Different international schools in Singapore will mainly have their own admissions procedure. There is a standard list of documents as well as prerequisites required for enrolling the kids to the international schools in Singapore. Some of the important facts about the singapore international school application have been discussed in this article.

Prerequisite to consider for studying in an international school in Singapore

Below are some of the important prerequisites to consider for studying in any international school in Singapore:

singapore international school application

  1. The child must not be a Singapore citizen. The international schools in Singapore mainly require approval from the Ministry of Education or the MOE to enroll the student
  2. The Students who are holding a visitor pass are mainly not permitted to study at an international school.

Important documents required at the time of applying for the international school:

At the time of applying for the international school some of the below documents are needed:

  1. The completed as well as signed application form
  2. The application fee
  3. Passport size photographs of the child
  4. Photocopy of child’s birth certificate, passport, as well as parent’s passport
  5. Photocopy of the immigration status/visa of the child
  6. The parent’s immigration/visa photocopy
  7. The official transcripts or the report cards for the current year as well as two years prior
  8. The employment letter of guarantee. This is mainly required when the employer is paying the school fees
  9. The legal custody papers

After all these processes are being completed, the parents will receive an email from the school informing the parent about the status of the application. After the child’s spot is mainly confirmed in the International school, a student contract will be in their inbox for their signature. After that the following documents will be required by the school admission team:

  1. The signed student contract. This is mainly a legal requirement by the government of Singapore
  2. The other one is the online health declaration form. This document is mainly required for all types of visa applications which mainly includes the dependent pass.

Singapore’s international schools mainly offer their students a world-class education. International schools have got different application timelines. These are more flexible but they mainly also have long waiting lists. It is necessary for the parents to go with the date of application so the parents can do a follow-up with the school as well as to inquire about the status of their submission.

These are some of the important facts to know about the Singapore International school applications.