Let’s repeat it once again why the choice of interior doors cannot be rash but rather, well thought out: these fixtures significantly influence the interior design and the functionality of the rooms of the house.

On this basis, take these small indications into consideration before your choice:

Before choosing, consider all options

Hinged or sliding? The types of doors available are really many and to find the perfect one for you you will need to know them all main door.

Think about doors during the renovation, not after

Often the details are taken care of once the work is finished but in this case, if you are not clear about what you want before starting the work, you will risk losing even more time and more money.

Coordinate the door with the style of the house

Main Door

As we have already said in the lines above the doors are the main furnishing elements and, not integrated with the furniture and the style of the rooms, they will not be able to create a pleasant aesthetic effect.

Choose the doors after painting the walls

Always for an aesthetic fact, the combination of colors is fundamental and sometimes, we realize that the finishes we like so much do not go well with the predominant color of the house. It is therefore better to choose the door first.

For bathroom and kitchen larger doors

How can a 60cm washing machine or fridge fit into a 50cm door? Evaluating the measures is very important because a narrow door would make it impossible for appliances to pass through.

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In recent years, the laminate has evolved to reach very high quality standards, becoming one of the most used materials for the construction of interior doors. But what exactly is it and what is it made of. The sheets of paper are held together thanks to special glues, the quality of the laminate also depends on the type of glue used. Polyurethane adhesives, for example, are very resistant to humidity, water, steam and heat.

The laminate is a membrane pertained to different substances such as chipboard or honeycomb and is composed of multiple sheets of the article, reproduced with melamine or phenolic polishes, clasped on each different.