Use an HMRC Stamp Duty Calculator to Figure Out Rates

Use an HMRC Stamp Duty Calculator to Figure Out Rates

Buying a home is one of the most significant financial decisions that you’ll make in your life. When considering whether or not to put in an offer on a property, one of the first things you need to do is look at the stamp duty rates for your specific property type and location. Rates vary from region to region, as well as by house size and value.


With stamp duty rate calculator, you can figure out how much stamp duty will be charged on any purchase price up to £1million! It shows each region’s current rates and calculates how much it would be based on your search criteria (e.g., what type of property, its purchase price).

If you have found a purchase that you would like to put in an offer on, this handy tool will help you to find out if it’s worth it or not. Not only does the calculator take care of the math for you, but it’s super-convenient as well – just enter in the purchase price of your desired property and a few other important details, and click “Calculate”.

What Is Stamp Duty?

stamp duty rate calculator

Stamp duty rates vary by region. They are calculated the stamp duty computation based on the property value and the region in which they are located. In short, stamp duty represents a tax that must be paid to the government when a person buys a property. The rates can vary from zero percent to 12% of the property’s value.

Who Pays Stamp Duty?

Stamp duty is typically paid by the owner of the property. However, it’s common for people to often split up ownership of properties and thus share responsibilities of payments with their co-owners. It’s important to note that all co-owners pay stamp duty on a pro-rated basis, meaning that they are each responsible for paying a percentage of the final purchase price (the price after adding cost adjustments such as fees).

What Does Stamp Duty Tax?

Stamp duty is not a tax. It is a fee paid to the government to cover the costs associated with administering and collecting the duty. “Tax” is actually the money that the government collects (e.g., tax revenue), whereas “duty” represents payments made by those who owe money to the government (e.g., taxes).

How Much Is Stamp Duty?

How much stamp duty is paid on any property depends on several factors including: purchase price, region of purchase, and amount of property purchased.

For example, if a property is purchased for a price of £400k and within the London region, the stamp duty payment would be equivalent to 6.25% (£22k).

Who Pays Stamp Duty?

Stamp duty is paid by the seller and/or seller’s spouse only if they are UK residents. If the owner (seller) is a non-resident in the UK, it’s up to him/her to pay stamp duty before selling their property. This can be done by providing proof that he/she has paid any tax due in his/her home country. Otherwise, the sale will have no effect on them paying stamp duty on any subsequent real estate purchase(s).

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