Taking inspiration from Cleanliness

Taking inspiration from Cleanliness

There goes a famous saying “Cleanliness is next to godliness”. Indeed taking an inspiration from this, we have embarked on this mission to take best and practical measures to make our village neat and clean which will result to peoplebecoming healthier, peaceful and beautiful environment as well as adding to aesthetic value too. Keeping the society clean is as important as our personal rivers and ponds cleanliness and hygiene. In fact, it is our duty and responsibility to keep our village clean as this will keep diseases at bay, proper flow and movement of water in, and sanitized environment which will ensure overall wellbeing as well as joyous, carefree and happier people around.

  • The first & foremost step in making the village clean is to ensure our personal hygiene by taking regular bath, washing hands with soap and keeping individual clothesclean.
  • At own home, removal of dirt and garbage, regular mopping of floors and elimination of all the dried leaves, plastic materials, and other waste around the house as well as from the garden or backyard area should be done and put them in wastebins.
  • Usage of jute or cloth bags is encouraged to keep environmentclean

Individual families must ensure that there is proper categorization of wastematerials-

  • All families must put the classified wastes in separate containers and should not accumulate near their houses. A garbage collection area has been established with separate partitions. The 15 member garbage collection team will individually collect all the waste materials from each house and after cleaning the roads, schools, hospital and post office area and put them in the collectionarea.
  • Subsequently it will all be disposed off properly in a chosen & isolated location away from thevillage.
  • Villagers will be trained to construct Bio toilets which are of Low cost, eco-friendly and sustainable so that each household is equipped with the basic amenity. This Bio-toilet requires very less water, completely odourless and ensures complete waste dissolution. Further advantage of this toilet is production of gas for fuel and water for irrigation. This way, the problem of open defecation in village could be completelystopped.
  • To keep the environment clean and free from pollution, it is to be ensured that the villagers should take up methods which release less or a negotiable amount of harmful gases, solid wastes or liquid wastes into the surroundings.
  • Individual households are encouraged to use Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) Cylinders or solar cookers instead of using wood as a burning fuel. Afforestation is promoted to keep the air clean and aid in removal of Carbon di- oxide and restoration of ecosystem.
  • Meetings will be conducted with the villagers to address their needs, complaints, problems or grievances regarding sanitation and cleanliness in regular intervals so that it is addressed properly in a stipulated durationof time depending on the situation requirements and availability ofresources.

These are a few ways by which you can introduce your community to new techniques of cleanliness.

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