Changing your diet completely would make you to lose interest on your food and would end up eating more food. The best plan for healthy eating is to make some modifications to your diet. These small changes would not affect your mind psychologically that your are following a strict diet. You have to plan a good and healthy diet by minor changes to your diet. As these little changes get used to you and eventually can add more healthy options. This will make you to build a good and healthy diet gradually without rapid changes. Sudden changes can’t be accepted by our body and would effect your consistency. You have to set a realistic goals that can be achieved in any deviations or disturbance. Don’t be conscious about counting your calories and make your life still complicated. This will not give you good vibes on what you are eating. If you ate anything unplanned would end up in a guilt if you start counting your calories. So, always prefer to eat food guilt free. You have to be conscious about eating fresh and unpacked food but not on counting calories. Avoid eating the processed and packaged foods. You have to make right choices when you plan to replace any of your food item. Replacing bad fats with healthy fats is always good for your health. You have to choose the food item that is good for your health and tongue. Anything which is not tasty is not acceptable by anyone for long term eating. So, you have to plan the diet accordingly.

Adding more vegetables and fruits to your diet:

  • Fruits and vegetables are rich in many nutrients required by our body. They are very low in calories and contains good amounts of minerals, vitamins, fiber and antioxidants. Always plan to include more servings of vegetables and fruits in your diet. This will make to stay full for longer duration. You can also prevent binge eating and thus avoid unhealthy food.
  • You can increase your intake by having an antioxidant rich fruits like berries to your breakfast. You can include different types of fruits like grapes, oranges, pineapple, mangoes as a mid morning snack or dessert.
  • You can replace the pasta or rice side dish with a vegetable salad. Eating vegetable salad before your lunch or dinner will promote digestion and thus provide good metabolism. This will lead you to burn more calories and can lose weight easily.
  • Replace the processed or canned food with the vegetables like carrots, beetroot, cherry tomatoes. If you don’t like eating vegetable salad uncooked, there are options that can make your vegetables healthy.
  • There are multiple options to add taste to your vegetables like steam cooking, grilling, pan frying or roasting. You can add any of the natural herbs, oregano, chilli flakes, pepper, etc for better taste. You can also add lemon if you want to eat something tangy.


There are different healthy options that can replace the unhealthy foods. In this way you can improve your eating habits.