Plan for a memorable Jeonju business trip

Have you ever wondered how common people lived in Korea throughout the centuries while watching Korean historical dramas like Jumong or Dae Jang Geum? Then you should unquestionably go to Jeonju, which is in South Korea’s North Jeolla province.

For all travelers, Jeonju Hanok Village is a must-see location. It’s the ideal place to begin your journey in Jeonju. Hanok, the traditional Korean home, can be found everywhere, along with historic palaces and lovely couples dressed in traditional attire. You may travel back in time to Korea’s past because of Jeonju’s amazing environment. More than 700–800 traditional homes make up the hamlet, and you will enjoy strolling around it and making lovely memories during their 전주출장 (Jeonju business trip).

Book a room at the Traditional Hanok House.

Booking a hotel or guesthouse in the hamlet with hanok-style accommodations is Jeonju’s second must-do activity. One of our favorite experiences was spending the night at the historic Hanok hotel. We had a great day at our hotel, “Mouryub,” which is only a 3-minute walk from Jeonju Hanok Village. This Hanok home gives its guests a distinct delight by providing a thoughtful balance of contemporary amenities and Korean history.

Enjoy Bibimbap’s Special Flavor

There are countless eateries with various bibimbap varieties. A Korean rice dish called bibimbap is topped with a variety of veggies, a hot sauce called Gochujang, and eggs (sometimes meat). During your visit to South Korea, you should not skip eating this popular traditional dish. Mushrooms, carrots, radishes, spinach, onions, lettuce, sliced kimchi, sesame oil, and other nutritious components are included in bibimbap.

Create Your Own Hanji Present

We went to a well-known craft store in Jeonju while we were there that produced a variety of hanji craft items. The traditional Korean paper is called hanji. For visitors who want to create their own Hanji keepsakes, such as hanji dolls, mirrors, boxes, etc., Yedam Gongyae offers special classes. We took part in a class on LED hanji chorongs, which are traditional Korean lanterns, and we enjoyed it. This studio is situated 10 to 15 minutes walk from Jeonju Hanok Village at the Korea Traditional Culture Center.

Take a look at traditional martial arts

The ideology of Hongik-Ingan (wide contribution to humanity), the spirit of peace, and responsibility, according to Koreans, can be felt via Taekwondo practice. For this reason, everyone who is interested in learning about the might and vigor of Korean martial art should join a Taekwondo lesson in Jeonju. Visitors can practice self-defense methods, study the fundamentals of Taekwondo, and learn how to break wood like a true sport master.

If you’ve ever been to Jeonju, please share your thoughts in the section below!

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