newborn baby items

Must-have newborn baby items – baby bandana drool bibs and more

Having a baby is one of the best times in most people’s lives. Meeting their younger selves is a blessing indeed. However, some people worry a lot about what they must prepare before the baby arrives. It may be tempting to buy the entire store to bring everything in the world for one’s child. However, sticking to essential items such as newborn baby bibs and others is vital to avoid overspending.

Here are the baby shopping essentials in one place.

  1. Diapers and nappies

Newborns may poop and pee a lot. So, one would need to change their nappies or diapers 10-12 times a day. So, buying 2-3 packets of disposable cotton nappies will be convenient. Otherwise, two packets of diapers with the appropriate size for newborns will do. The key is to have a good amount handy to avoid running down to the shop now and then.

  1. Baby clothes

These are essentials, and one can not skip these. It is natural to use a few items from the first child’s wardrobe if it is the second child. One would also need to consider what season it would be during delivery. The clothes need to be prepared accordingly. Zip-up clothes are convenient to put on, and one should also see that the bottoms are easy with diapers or nappies.

  1. Nappy pads

Nappy pads or liners are helpful when it comes to washing all those nappies full of poop. One can remove them before washing the cloth. It saves time and makes it easier to deal with. So, these are a must-have for cloth nappies.

newborn baby items

  1. Baby wipes

Now, a baby’s skin is more delicate than an adult’s. So, using the regular face wipes would not do. The unique baby wipes are perfect for cleaning the baby’s bottom when changing diapers. Some people use a soft cloth and warm water for the same.

  1. Changing mat

It acts as a protective layer for the bedsheet when one changes their baby’s clothes or diapers. These are good for the bed and the cradle alike. So, one can invest in a changing mat as well.

  1. Essentials other than clothes

Just clothes would not do because a baby needs several other items. These are listed here.

  1. 3-4 pairs of light cotton socks for all seasons
  2. 2-3 hats, preferably made of cotton
  3. A cotton wrap if one keeps the AC on all the time
  4. A few pairs of mittens to prevent scratching
  5. Several hand towels to clean if baby spatters milk
  6. 5-6 baby bandana drool bibs because babies throw up a little milk while burping
  1. Washing essentials

The newborn’s clothes are made using soft materials that need special care. So, one should use soft and mild detergents to wash these. One can also find special detergents for baby clothes if available in their area.

  1. Shower and bath items

Of course, one would need to bathe the baby regularly. So, it is a must to have all the essential items such as soap, shampoo, powder, body lotion, cream, and other items they may need.

So, one can use this list to ensure they have all the items for their new baby before birth.

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