You all know a mild pain in the gums and teeth can be excruciating. Now imagine this mild pain multiplying manifolds. It’s hard to imagine it, right. Well, that is the intensity of the pain caused by the arrival of wisdom teeth in many cases.

What are wisdom teeth? Is it some magical teeth that impart knowledge to your brain? There is nothing like that. The truth cannot be farther from it. Instead, it can trouble you to the ends of the earth if not taken care of properly. In some cases, surgery might be required. With so many dentists in the midst, wisdom tooth surgery singapore can be found with ease.

Problems with wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth usually come in the teenage years. But there is a fair possibility of them growing at later stages of life, so don’t be relieved just yet. There are also cases when one may not encounter them all. As the jaws are already filled with teeth and have no extra space to adjust more, wisdom teeth may cause some problems.

It can cause intolerable pain when it is impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth push against the molars and can damage them to a much greater extent. It can also cause crowding in the teeth because of all the pushing. If the pain is ignored for an extended time, it can cause infection and inflammation, which may cause stiffness and swelling in the jaw.

Wisdom Tooth Surgery Singapore

What’s the solution?

There is nothing to be worried about if you have impacted wisdom teeth. You need to go to a dentist for the assessment of the situation, which probably requires an X-ray. Depending on the growth of the wisdom tooth, the dentist may either suggest a tooth extraction process or surgery.

Getting wisdom tooth removal surgery

Wisdom tooth surgery Singapore is conducted with care at the best clinics by keeping the following points in mind:

  • Most of the surgical processes are claimable by Medisave in Singapore.
  • Available sedation is a must. Removal of wisdom tooth is already a heart-rending process. With the help of mild sedation, it can be done with so much ease.
  • Choose a clinic where there is a follow-up process after some time, likely after a week or two. It helps the dentist to analyze the healing process better. And, you also get peace of mind.

There is no need to make your wisdom tooth removal journey so full of chaos and fuss. With the right dentist and clinic, it can be a smooth ride.