Cloud storage has so many benefits and the earlier you took advantage of the benefits for your business the better for you.  Cloud computing can help to protect very important data of your business organization. Cloud storage features automated backup; it provides incomparable peace of mind that nothing will wrong with your data.  It is also flexible and scalable. It is also generally affordable and its reliability is outstanding.  There are so many companies offering cloud computing services out there today but you can rarely find one as outstanding as IBM Cloud. IBM Cloud had been around for many decades already. The company’s first involvement in cloud computing came in 2008 and it has remained strong since then. iSeries cloud hosting is one of the many cloud hosting service offered by IBM.

Continue reading to learn more about the many features that make IBM Cloud one of the best choices for those in need of cloud computing services.

IBM for quality cloud computing

IBM launched Cloudburst in 2009, which is a tool for setting up a private cloud. It also represents the first IaaS service, which is the IBM Smart Business Storage Cloud.  Since then to date, IBM had been adding more cloud services to its portfolio. The SmartCloud brand name was then announced in 2011. The company took its cloud effort to another step in 2013 with the acquisition of SoftLayer technology, which was operated as separate service.  The company also integrated SoftLayer technology into cloud hardware.  One of its many offerings is iSeries cloud hosting.  The company had been able to take its brand to another level and has remained one of the best cloud computing service providers around today. One of its many offerings, Bluemix, is made up of severa

IBM cloud services

IBM focuses more of its services on Bluemix than what obtains in SoftLayer.  The company offers compute infrastructure that includes metal servers, which are highly customized single-tenant servers. It also offers, virtual servers, POWER servers and GPU computing, as well as, server software.

Some other offerings via Bluemix are:

  • Integration
  • Application services
  • DevOps
  • Security
  • Internet of Things
  • Data and analytics
  • Watson
  • Mobile
  • Network
  • Storage

Affordable cloud computing services

Considering the many benefits of IBM cloud services, it is one of the most affordable for the money.  The quality of the cloud service is out of this world and will undoubtedly give you value for money and take your business to the next desirable level, enabling you to store up your documents in the cloud for safe keeping. The quality of the cloud computing offered by this outlet is incomparable