How does a divorce attorney approach a case?

A family law specialist with experience in handling divorce issues is known as a divorce lawyer. A divorce attorney’s job is to represent and advise clients in court throughout the process. Finding the best Divorce lawyers in Singapore? Click here.

The steps an attorney takes when working on a case are as follows:

Initial consultation

A conversation with a family lawyer is the first stage in the divorce procedure. They will discuss the dissociate procedure with the client and address any worries they may have during this discussion. They ask for the reason for the split-up, whether children were involved, and the current financial situation of each spouse. They will also explain their fees and answer any questions the client may have.

Filing the divorce petition

The divorce petition must then be filed when the client has retained an attorney. They will prepare the necessary documents, including the petition, which outlines the reason for the split-up and the relief being sought. The petition will be submitted to the court and served on the opposing party by the attorney.


Discovery is the process of obtaining information and evidence from the other party. Finding the best Divorce lawyers in Singapore? Click here. They will send interrogatories, which are written questions that the other party must answer under oath. They may also request documents and take depositions, which are sworn statements made by the other party or witnesses.

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Negotiation and settlement

Many cases are settled through negotiation or mediation. Experts will bargain on their client’s behalf to secure a fair and acceptable settlement. They will also advise their client on what a reasonable settlement is and what to expect. If a settlement is done, the lawyer will draught the settlement agreement, and submit it for the judge’s approval.


 The lawyer will prepare for trial by gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and preparing arguments. They will represent the case to the judge and argue on behalf of their client. The judge will then decide on the issues in the case, such as property division, child custody, and support.

Post-divorce issues

It may still be post-divorce troubles even after it is official. In addition to changing child custody and support orders, enforcing court orders, and dealing with any other difficulties that might come up, the attorney can assist their client with these concerns.

A divorce attorney plays a crucial role in this process. They provide legal representation and guidance, file the necessary documents, handle discovery, negotiate on behalf of their client, prepare for trial, and address any post-divorce issues that may arise.

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