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Buddhist funeral services: How Do Buddist Continue With Their Rituals?

What is the color code of dress of the mourning family?

Black is a solemn and mournful color in many societies, and it is no separation in Buddhism. Visitors and relatives attending Buddhist funeral services generally dress in black or white.

Humans presume that when a person stops respiration, their soul doesn’t leave their torso immediately. When a Buddhist dies, their torso should be left isolated, unharmed, unswayed, and unhindered for three days for one’s soul to depart his\her former torso peaceably. In aspects of Buddhist memorial service etiquette, it is proper to present gifts to the families of the deceased.

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Rituals of funeral :

The torso is proffered in an open casket with only a picture of the dead person and a neighboring photo of Buddha. Lamps, fruit, bouquets, and luminous incense, may also be placed around the torso by mourners. The casket is enclosed and managed to carry to the funeral parlor following the ritual. Buddhist funeral services differ, but overall, a state funeral with just a shrine to the dead individual is held. Worship and vipassana are permitted, and the torso is embalmed following the system. After the aftermath, the torso is often laid to rest. Therefore the funeral is a reburial facility. Bread and sweets, fruit, dehydrated fruit, nuts, and various chocolate bars are all suitable food products and gift boxes. A gift box is usually supplied or transported to the grief-stricken man’s house.

The ashes have been dispersed over a religious place in so many Buddhist traditions. This enables you to interact with the remembrance of the adored one. The location does not have to be significant to the remainder of the world. The only significant factor is that it implies anything special to you and the dead.

The family knows the deceased’s spirit will visit them mostly on the seventh following the burial. They remain in his\her rooms, and substance is strewn all around the door to indicate one‘s existence.


Most Buddhists recognize that dying isn’t the conclusion of one’s life but rather a transformation to another type of existence. However, grieving families still express their sadness among one another, as in numerous belief systems that have an afterlife. Most of everyday life, like a Buddhist, entails accepting that life’s too short, yet it is possible to give something significant to how individuals live. Buddhists follow their faith by constantly meditating and staying prevalent all day.

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