Short-term serviced apartments in Singapore are fully furnished accommodations and are easily available at cheap prices compared to hotels. If a person is planning a month-long trip with a family or alone or if a student is going to shift there for some short course or anything else where the person is planning a visit more than a week, then these short-term apartments are the way to go.

Why Short Term Serviced Apartment Rental Singapore?

These are some of the reasons why a person should go for short term serviced apartment rental singapore:

  1. Amenities- Many amenities that one is not allowed to use or is provided by a hotel can be experienced in a rental like the apartments are fully furnished and with all the in-house services. Most of the hotels still charge for wi-fi but in almost every package go a rental free wi-fi is included. Most of the rentals are pet-friendly, whereas most hotels do not allow animals. Also, if the location and building are good, there are chances that you will get 24/7 pool and gym services for free.
  2. Pocket Friendly- The cost depends on the duration of stay. For a short period, hotels are a better option, but if a person is staying for more than a week, in that case, their rentals are a lot cheaper as they allow you to cook your meals which helps in saving money on house service and a lot of other things also. On average, it saves almost 30-40% of the money.
  3. Better living space- In a rental, one gets all the equipment and furniture types that allow the person to run their errands instead of depending on the hotel. It comes with a kitchen so the person can also cook. Families can easily stay in apartments like these with no added cost, whereas hotels charge for extra bedding.

Platform/businesses Who Are Providing Short Term Rental In Singapore

  1. Airbnb
  2. Trivago
  3. LMB Housing
  4. MetroResidences
  5. International Service Apartments
  6. ST Residences Singapore
  7. re
  8. com
  9. Pan Pacific
  10. Great World

So next time you travel, make sure to get short-term serviced apartment rental singapore. They will allow you to experience the life that the locals are living, it also gives a chance to better understand the culture of the place. Know more over the web.