British International School

Benefits Of Enrolling Your Child In A British International School

Looking for the right school to enroll your child in can be one of the most difficult decisions with a lot of analysis and thoughts going into it as a result of many educational options available today. There are several teaching approaches and educational curricula, making it a big platter to choose from.

It is all important to know whether to enroll your child in a british international school singapore, a private school, or a state school. This article will talk about some of the benefits of choosing an international school for your child.

  • Exposure to different cultures around the world

Interaction with people belonging to different cultures and comprehending nuisances is an eye-opening and a thrilling experience for children while they learn about the world beyond the area they reside in. Students belonging to several nationalities bring in cultural diversity and connect with students locally to share them. Festivals celebrated in various countries across the world are present in the national holiday calendar of an international school

british international school singapore

  • Becoming self-driven and self-motivated

A child in an international school imbibes a critical thinking approach and is groomed with an international perspective rather than just learning methods with knowledge gained by techniques at an early stage like practical and Montessori labs, a student can effectively inculcate an inspiring learning system within them. This way, learning continues till life long and not just in school.

  • Personal attention to students in classes

The ratio arrangement between students and teachers is standardized so that a teacher could provide personal attention to every kid. It is generally 10:1 on average. This assists in inculcating knowledge about every subject in a student as per their learning capacities. It makes sure that a student is confident with a strong understanding of concepts that stretches beyond the knowledge provided by textbooks because of an increased quality time with teachers.

  • Extensive range of extra-curricular activities

One of the many ways by which an international school focus on developing and nurturing imagination and creativity in a child is by shifting the focus to extra-curricular activities and several competitions and clubs are made to motivate participation by children as per their interest. Some of such extra-curricular activities are sports, mathematics, imagination games, creativity labs, and robotics

  • Advantages of higher education abroad

An international school opens doors to a worldwide forum for students. Studies have shown that a student from an international school faces comparatively lesser restrictions and limitations while applying to universities or colleges abroad.


With such a variety of options of schools available to children offering their benefits, a british international school singapore offers a complete experience for children, which can be useful for their future.

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