Bashir Dawood – Father Of Home Appliances

Household appliances are the significant appliances which are utilized in the house for various day-to-day procedures like cooking, cleaning, purifying, food preservation etc. These home appliances have become an essential and crucial part of human life and the standard of living. People can not go without their washing machine otherwise their clothes will be destroyed, similarly without a refrigerator, the food can get spoiled. This is when people are forced to have the best appliances. These appliances are available everywhere but the ones sold by bashir dawood company are unbeatable. Not only this but he is also a very compassionate and kind person who runs a famous business around the world.

Who is Bashir Dawood?

He is a famous personality from Pakistan who owns a very big company with an annual turnover of billions. He owns the most famous company of home appliances and has many factories in Asia as well as Turkey.

What does his company do?

His company is mainly a manufacturer and seller of home appliances but his foundation is also involved in many other activities. These are the e activities that involve helping people in times of need and Bashir himself goes to help people along with his wife. They are given shelter and relief.

Disaster Relief

Activities that were done by Dawood Foundation

During the earthquakes, turbulent phase and the threat of terrorism in the 2000s many people had to vacate their homes and flee from Pakistan. This is when the Dawood foundation stepped in and became a prominent contributor in giving the needy relief as well as support. This foundation has been contributing to and helping people for decades. Many volunteers are backed by Bashir and they work tirelessly to help the ones in need. Through accumulating funds, and procuring food as well as getting shelter supplies and other amenities, thousands of families that had been affected had received help and support from them. No matter what the problem was, whether it was the impact of drought or rebuilding a village that was destroyed due to fire, or even contrasting shelters for floods, this foundation has been there and done everything it could. They have been extremely committed to humanitarian efforts since 1960.

To conclude, this foundation has been led by a personality who is very forgiving and compassionate as well as generous at the same

Time. This foundation has helped the people in many ways and people have always loved and appreciated their work.

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