3D printing technology is used to add a lot of successive material layers so that a physical object is made a 3D object. industrial 3D printer is used in different ways for 3D printing an object. It is considered to be a breakthrough innovation in the realm of manufacturing.

3D printing is also known as Additive Technology. It is considered as a technology which has brought about major development in the manufacturing and industrial sector. 3D printing has immense potential. It is also independent of any limitations of conventional printing Technology besides in conventional printing moulding casting and machining are processes which require robot technology, machines and computers.

3D printers are quite popular with people as it is a process that does not need any investment in machines, tools and equipment like in the conventional printing process. It is quite a thing for startups and also multinationals because it’s a sin that is wasted in testing. You don’t need to test this in order to bring it to the market.

3D printing

On- demand Manufacturing

3D printing is a cutting edge Technology that is used in many industries. It is used to make the on-demand production business model feasible. all production units function on the algorithm of supply and demand. What 3D printing has done is it has made manufacturers shift this algorithm the other way around. so instead of producing on demand, customers get what they need and when they like. Unlike how the conventional manufacturing process is what takes time. factories take some time from a few hours to a few days in order to replicate a design or a product by this technology. 3D printing Technology has a lot of benefits like you get the freedom to design and make customizations but it does also have a few challenges which can easily be overcome.

Another benefit of 3D printing technology is that there is mass customisation.

Mass customization

It is used in the medical field to make implants and prosthetics 3D printing use because it is time saving and cost effective especially when you need mass customisation.

There are numerous benefits of 3D printing. It is evolving everyday and positive changes are being anticipated in the sector with so many changes being made everyday. We are hoping that the little limitations that come along with 3D printing can be overcome. energy is focused all in the right direction.